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Signs that you are more intelligent than you think

What does it mean when someone is intelligent ?

It is quite surprising that intelligent people don't seem to believe that they are truly intelligent. Find out if you are one of these amazing set of people.

Intelligence is the ability of the mind to understand principle,truth, meanings or facts . It is the ability to understand and comprehend, ability to acquire knowledge and and put into practice. It explains that you have the power of understanding that is, you have capacity of higher forms of knowledge.

From the above definitions of intelligence,we can deduce that an intelligent person is someone who is able to acquire knowledge; understand, comprehend and able to put into practice what he or she has learnt.

Signs of intelligence that you might have neglected

Below,we will be outlining some signs that prove that you or someone else is intelligent but which you might have neglected due to the fact that they appear in our everyday acts.

1) You are creative : being creative explains that you tend make new things and it is due to the fact that you have the ability within you. This ability motivates you into trying new ideas of creating new things.

2) The strive for perfection : while you tend to create new things, you strive for the perfection of the things being created. You try to achieve a result as you make strenuous efforts towards it.

3) You are the silent type : For someone who is intelligent, silence is the best of attitudes. You are more likely to be the silent type if you are intelligent. Intelligent people don't believe in talking too much because when you talk too much, you are more likely to say more stupid things and at times, reveal what you ought to have kept within yourself and thereby, losing your privacy.

This attribute is only found in people who are smart and intelligent.

4) Going to sleep late at night : This is another attribute of intellectual individuals. People who are intelligent don't go to bed earlier. They stay awake till late in the night.

5) You learn to read at early age : children that learn to read at the early age of their lives portray a sign of intelligence in them. The ability to read especially at early age indicates that the person is truly intelligent because they find it more easier than the less intelligent ones.

6) Loneliness is more preferable : when we spend time with friends, our satisfaction in life increases. Intelligent people also socialize. However, they deliberately avoid extra socialization. This is because it does deprive them of the time they are meant to spend alone.

For smart people, when lonely, time spent alone is the time they ruminate about life and things that surround them.

This shows that when an intelligent person is sitting down alone,he is not just sitting a lot of things are going on in his mind.

I hope you have been able to realize that you are indeed smarter than you used to think. Drop your comments and suggestions (if any) about this article.

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