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Six Signs That Show A Woman Is Not Satisfied In Her Relationship

As humans, it's only normal for us to feel satisfied when our needs are met. Satisfaction for humans takes different forms. But when it comes to two independent individual getting involved with each other, there are two types, emotional and romantic satisfaction.

Romantic relationships where both parties are very well satisfied are less likely to have issues. Satisfaction in romantic relationships has a lot of health benefits not only for women but also the man. A woman's level of satisfaction in a relationship reflects greatly on the relationship itself. Submission, respect, care, and affection would flow effortlessly when she's satisfied. But when she isn't, a fun relationship could become a battleground. So before things get out of hand, do well to make some adjustments to see that your woman is satisfied. And if you are having trouble knowing whether or not she's satisfied, here are 6 signs to look out for.

1. When There Are Changes In The Way You Converse

Whenever she's harboring some form of unhappiness. Whenever you try to get her to chat and it feels like you are forcing her to talk. This can be very obvious when you are talking about the fun things you both used to be happy talking about. Saying something like "it's hot outside today" doesn't necessarily require a response, but then, a lot of couples would respond regardless because they simply enjoy talking to each other. 

2. She's Always Seeking Alone Time

It's normal for people to enjoy some alone time every once in a while. The both of you should be able to be alone, give each other Some space, and feel relatively comfortable going solo for some time. Not only because doing so shows trust in your relationship, but because gives you fun things to talk about once you're reunited.

3. She Suddenly Stop Talking About The Future

If the both of you were always talking about the future, a sudden silence is worth noting. If your partner starts avoiding discussions about the future and plans you both may have made, it's a sign that they might not be happy in the relationship, at least not anymore. If your partner doesn't willingly discuss plans, it could mean their plans don't include you.

4. She Becomes Very Difficult

If it starts to seem like your partner can't meet you halfway during an argument, or when making decisions together, be cautious. Sometimes you just have to do things you don't necessarily want to do for someone because you care about the person and want to see them happy. It's called sacrifice.

5. She Suddenly Becomes Less Physical

If your partner suddenly starts acting less physically, that ok. It's very important to respect someone else's space. But when it's obvious that they are shrinking away from physical touch especially since this is usually a big sign of underlying problems, you need to call it. 

6. She Now Picks Up Fights For No Reason

If she suddenly becomes argumentative, chances are that it might be due to excessive stress at work, or perhaps it could be a side effect of depression or anxiety. So if they've been too edgy, you should probably try to weigh all the possibilities of reasons why, and try to help them through it.

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