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Another Tortured Child From An Evil Woman

Another Tortured Child From A Evil Woman


Araoye Blessing

It seems majority of Nigerians don't know that beating a child to the point of injury is child abuse and that there's a law against it.

You don't know torturing a child to this extent is as bad as sexually abusing a child. 

Yes the effects on the child is the same as the effects of s3xual abuse.

How can such a child and other children who have gone through one form of physical torture or the other from those who are suppose to love and protect them,to be able to grow up stable minded,godly and confident, without going through a thorough professional counseling?

If not, such tortured children will would grow up to even do worst.

Yes, because you can't give what you don't have.

Any child who has never been shown love and care can not turn out to give love and care to anyone.

My prayers for sometime now, is that those who hurt children, s3xually, physically, or emotionally should be exposed and punished accordingly.

God has answered my prayers.

Please let's work together to reduce the problems in our society not to add more problems, because these people who hurt and torture children are actually adding more problems to our society.

If you are one of them, you better change your ways and repent from your sins.

There is no reason ever for anyone to do this evil to a child.

If you refuse to change, the long arm of the law will soon fall on you and worst of all, the anger of God will fall on you and your generation.


change your ways. You know yourselves.

©Total Child Foundation cares

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Araoye Blessing Nigerians


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