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4 Types of Guys That Easily Attract Women Without Too Much Effort

Have you ever pondered why some males always seem to get the best of the ladies? The secret isn't good looks, but the reality that certain personality traits attract women and they gravitate to men who have them. There are four "ideal sorts" of males that women are drawn to, as well as an explanation of why these men are so desirable. The list can help you figure out what women want and, more importantly, whether or not you meet the description.

1. The guy that pay attention to them.

Communication is simply the interchange of ideas, wants, and wishes, without being too technical. The notion itself is simple and straightforward, but putting it into practice is anything but. Women talk more than guys, it's no secret. Gender jabber is a notion that emphasizes the disparities in the number of words said by men and women.

2. The confident guy

He is completely confident in himself. In public, he is aggressive and exudes a sense of power and command. He is not envious of other males in a relationship, nor does he feel intimidated by his girlfriend's male acquaintances or coworkers.

3. The funny guy with good sense of humour

Women are looking for a guy that can make them laugh. Not the kind of vulgar, insensitive comedy, or even the kind that makes jokes about everything. But he has a terrific sense of humour that is always on point. A man who enjoys a good laugh and who can balance the gravity of important issues with the gift of lightheartedness through laughing is a rare discovery. Having a good sense of humor indicates to her that you will be able to laugh even when things are difficult. It will also help to establish her trust in you as a confidante. Ladies appreciate a man who can think on his feet and engage in light banter. A witty person is full of life and energy, and he enjoys having a good time. She'll enjoy it as well.

4. A guy that works out

You can be healthy in a variety of ways. Guys frequently image muscle-bound macho men What is truly appealing? Men who know how to look after themselves. That could imply muscle mass, but it could also imply good cardio, a balanced diet, and a lack of substance usage. It could also imply that you understand how to look after yourself emotionally. This is something that a lot of men have trouble with. Most guys aren't taught how to talk about their feelings or how to process them as they grow up.

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