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10 Lovely Good Night Messages For Her

There's nothing more heartwarming than getting a lovely message after the hectic and stressful day!

As a man, if you send a Good Night message to any lady, she will appreciate the lovely gesture because it shows how much you care and think about her.

So, if you're looking for a lovely message to send to that special lady in your life, then look no further and check out these 10 unique and lovely Good Night Messages!

1. Dearest, I'm wishing you the sweetest dreams as you drift off to a peaceful sleep, and may you wake up with that beautiful smile that brightens up the day. Good night my angel!

2. So many days have passed and yet there are many more to come, and among all those days I will always be here to wish you a peaceful night rest and sweet dreams! Good night my sunshine!

3. I know you miss me and it's tough to fall asleep without me by your side because that's how I feel as well, but I want you to know my love and hugs will be with you throughout the night. Sleep well baby!

4. To my darling, the apple of my eyes and song to my soul... may you have a peaceful night rest filled with lovely dreams that will keep you warm all through the night! Kisses!

5. Good night my darling and have a good sleep for the day ahead, and know that even though I won't be there to wake you up with kisses, a part of me will be there with you throughout the night. I love you sweetheart!

6. I know you're in bed with me right now sleeping soundly, but I still want to send this little text to let you know I don't take your love for granted and will always be here to hold you tenderly every night! Love you sugar!

7. If you're reading this in bed right now, I want you to do me a favour and close your lovely eyes so I can place kisses on you till you fall asleep!

8. You're the most beautiful, tender and hardworking human being I know, and each passing day, I pray for you to have the most beautiful night rest and sweetest dreams because you deserve it!

9. Lying in bed with you right now and holding you in my arms is still like a dream come true and I hope it remains so till the end of time! Sleep well my princess!

10. Even the stars can't compare with you because the way your eyes shines each time you smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I love you today, I'll love you tomorrow and I'll love you forever! Sweet dreams my jewel!

These are some original and lovely messages you can send to your loved one.

Feel free to use them!

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