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3 Reasons Why Men No Longer Chase Women After They Say No

It is no news that men no longer chase women after being turned down once and this makes it look like the guy is not serious in the first place, which of course might not be the case. 

As the world is moving, it is also changing and a lot of things have changed over the decade. Gone are the days where some men chase after women for a very long duration without minding the time of rejection and at the end of the day they always have their way. But the case nowadays is different. Immediately a woman says no to a guy, the guy won't even make an effort and he will no longer chase her.

In this article, I will be showing you 3 reasons why men no longer chase women after they say no.

1. The woman doesn't have an interest in them.

One of the reasons men no longer chase women after they say no is because they feel the woman doesn't have interest in them and there's nothing good that will come out of it if they keep pushing. For a woman to say no immediately a guy asked her out shows she doesn't have any interest and for this reason, the guy would see no need to keep chasing her. At least, she could have just say she will think about it instead of saying no directly. This kind of response would keep the guy around and make the guy want to chase her. 

2. The woman has a bad manner of approach.

When a woman has a bad manner of approach, it is a turn-off for men and that would make them stop chasing her. If a girl turned a man down rudely and embarrassingly, there's no how the guy would want to keep chasing such a woman. The man would have no other choice than to lose interest in that kind of woman and that would be the end of his feelings for her.

3. The feelings don't seem to be real in the first place.

Here is another reason men no longer chase women after they say no. The man might not be sincere in the first place and just want to see if luck is on his side. Once the woman turns him down, he would see no reason to chase her anymore. Unlike a guy who truly loves the girl, he wouldn't give up instantly and might keep on chasing after being rejected. 

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