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5 Categories Of Women That Men Like Dating

Every responsible man wants some specific type of lady in his life, that's why you hear a man say "she is not my spec", is not because the lady is not beautiful enough but she might not be the "type" of woman he needs. Have you noticed that some men will date different types of ladies, but when he wants to get married, he will diligently pick a different type of woman? Of course, he knows that marriage is forever, so he must choose the type that suits him.

In this article, I will be revealing 5 categories of women that men like to date.

1. Women who care a lot: Nothing makes a man happy than when he has a woman who cares to know how he's faring. Men admire women who help them and take care of things. A man wants to be with a woman who will be a partner and help him get over sad moments and move on with his life.

2. Polite type: Men like women who can respect themselves in many aspects of their life. It's important to know that when a lady respects herself, the man in her life will also reciprocate it, but when you don't show respect, no man can tolerate you. That's why a man can sense from a distance a woman who is lacking in self-respect.

3. The cheerful type: So many ladies have lost chances of men just because they allow the challenges they face to overcome them. A possible way to overcome your daily challenges is to smile and be happy. Men like women who smile. They believe that smiling ladies have positive vibes, so therefore they mingle with them. 

4. The real and natural: Men like seeing the real and natural side of a lady. They want you to act and behave without hiding anything. A real woman will never try to look like someone else or act unnaturally.

5. The type that can cook: Cooking is a skill that every woman need to have, unfortunately, not all women have such skill. But do you know that men admire ladies who can prepare good meals? This is because men are heavy-eaters and they need a woman who can prepare something nice for them and limit their spending on restaurants, or junk foods.

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