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I Borrowed Airtime To Call A Guy, After The Airtime Finished, I Told Him To Call Back, He Said This

Love is blind. When true love really exist, lovers can do anything for themselves. They can sacrifice for each other. Sometimes, lovers do some silly things that they realize later but where real love reigns, it doesn't count as anything.

A lady whose twitter handle is @Rani shared what happened to her while she met a guy. Sue recounted she sacrifice the last cash on her to call the guy but the unexpected happened.

According to her, she said she had no cash on her one day when she placed a call to the guy. She said she enjoyed the conversation to the extent that she had to borrowed #2000 card each on her two Sims to call the guy. Due said when her Airtime got exhausted, she told the guy to call her back, which he didnt. She said the guy response was that since their conversation wasn't a sensible one, he would not waste his airtime to call back.

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(Credit: Twitter @ Rani)

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