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Literature Poetry

Fiction: Consequences of Jealousy in Life

Once upon a time, there were two daughters Esther and Mary grew up from same family, they were both given a small plant of Mango Tree, Mary was busy caring with her own while Esther wasn't, Mary lend a tyre from Esther and managed her plant, it lastly grew up, while that of Esther's decayed, Mary managed the fruits to earn her living, Esther was very Jealous of the matter, She asked Mary for the tyre she lent her, Your tyre was with my mango tree said the Mary, Esther insisted that she would give her back, She did!!

A year later, Esther got married and gave birth to a beautiful baby, Mary gave her a ring to be wired on the neck of her daughter, she did, some years later, Mary asked for her ring, Your Ring is with my Daughter, said the Esther, Mary insisted that her ring would be given, Esther was having no alternative but to cut the neck of her daughter and give her back the ring!! She did!!!

Don't be Jealous in Life!!!

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Esther Mango Tree Mary


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