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Stop Saying 'I want to toast her' (See the right words to Say)

It is really true that there are many words that Nigerians are using wrongly that it will takes a lot of time and consistent Corrections before we can get rid of many of these wrongly used words.

Sometimes you will be left in wonder thinking how Nigerians cone about some words and the way they use them.

Among these wrongly and popularly used words by Nigerian is the word "TOAST".

It is so rear to see a Nigerian that has not in one time or the other used this word wrongly by saying either of these:

1. I want to TOAST that my Classmate

2. I am TOASTING her but She's yet to say yes

3. I TOASTED her some years back.

All the word TOASTTOASTING and TOASTED above referring to approaching a girl to express your Love to her as being used/Said by Nigerians.

Toast is actually an English word but having a different meaning from Nigerian given meaning.

This is the correct word.

The correct word to use in that context is "WOO".

WOO means to persuade someone to marry oneself.

The way you have been going around to persuade that your classmate, your neighbors and Colleagues. 😁.

I hope you will use the word "Woo" to tell your friends about that your neighbor that just say YES to you. 😀.

Let us try and be using the correct words at every point in time to avoid being embarrassed out there.

I hope this is useful.

If so, endeavors to share it so that it can get to many people and start using the right word.

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