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12 needs of a guy in a serious relationship that every girlfriend should know

Relationship is not just an avenue for having fun and making love. It is far more than what many people see it as. Everyone has his or her own definition of relationship. Whatever you see your relationship as, it becomes your own definition of a relationship. But a serious relationship is far different from regular relationships that many people engage in. In a serious relationship, the lovers involved have targets, plans, motives or purposes. Ordinary relationship is a reverse of a serious relationship.

In a serious relationship, each of the lovers has their own duties well specified and undertaken. Therefore, if you are a girlfriend who is in a serious relationship, but you don't know your boyfriend's needs in your relationship, below are what he expects from you as his girlfriend.

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1. Love and take care of him.

A man will only fall in love with you if he truly loves you. He also expects you to love him in return. He takes care of you so that you can also take care of him. Love is a two-way affair. It is more of give and take. Give love, and you will be given more love.

Your boyfriend needs you to take care of him. By taking care of him, I mean you should always show concern whenever he complains to you about something that is bothering him. Give him a listening ear, advise and encourage him.

Satisfy him romantically. If both of you agreed that you will be making love in your relationship, do not deny him of it when he is in the mood.

Make your boyfriend feel less insecure. Be there for him as always as possible so as to prevent him from taking you for granted.

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2. He need to remain attracted to you.

No man falls in love to lose interest in few days. You need to ensure that your boyfriend remains attracted to you by enhancing what made him attracted to you in the first place.

It could be your smile, your dressing, your behaviour or how you talk. If you discover what got him attracted to you initially, maintain or enhance it to keep him happy and attracted to you.

3. Support and motivate him.

Motivation and support are two different, yet complementary acts that a boyfriend need from his girlfriend to do better in life. As a girlfriend, it is not enough to motivate him because, motivation without resources or labour is a wasted effort. Likewise, support without motivation is a waste. Therefore, support and motivate your boyfriend as often as possible.

4. He needs you to make him happy always.

Everyone wants to be happy. Your boyfriend is in love with you because he believes that you are going to make him happy as his girlfriend. Prove him right by ensuring that he is happy when you are away and around him.

5. He wants to admire you.

What does this tell you? It is telling you to entice him with your dressing. Know how to dress at every point in time. Dress well when you are going out with him. Dress attractively when you are alone with him in the house.

6. He wants to be a part of your life.

He needs to be a part of your world by getting introduced to your family and friends. If he knows virtually everything about you, he will feel happy, secured and comfortable around you.

7. He wants you to treat him and other people well.

Your boyfriend wants you to always be at your perfect behaviour. He wants to be treated well. He also want you to treat others well, including his friends and family members.

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8. He wants you to be honest with him.

Your boyfriend needs to be free and secured around you. The best way to do this is by gaining and preserving his trust. How can you win his trust? You would ask. You can do that by simply being honest with him. He just want to trust you.

9. He wants you to be who you are.

Your boyfriend doesn't want to change you. He loves you the way you are. If he never loved who you are, he would not have asked you out. Therefore, he wants you to be yourself. Do not change anything about you to impress him. He might not like the new you. He might prefer the old you. Therefore, be yourself.

10. Entertain him.

No one wants a boring girlfriend, therefore, don't be a boring girlfriend. Entertain him when you can. Make him happy. Try to develop a great sense of humour so that you will understand when he says something funny. Also, having a sense of humour will make you to say funny things that will make him laugh.

If you have nice voice, sing for him, especially when he wants to sleep. Sing some love songs for him to entertain him. You can dance for him too if you know how to dance. He just need someone that can entertain him.

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11. Help him with the bills.

Your boyfriend may not talk about the bills with you, but he will appreciate it if you can split the bill with him. Get a job to support him with the bill.

12. Be faithful to him and accept him the way he is.

If you can do all the above needs for your boyfriend, he will love and cherish you.

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