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"Whenever A Guy Breaks My Heart, I Would Swear Never To Love Again, But This Is What Happens" - Lady

Love they is a beautiful thing. It is an uncontrollable feeling that battles with the mind. It makes one go crazy and makes one feel on top of the world. Though it's abstract, but many human beings find it difficult to live without it.

Many youths of nowadays fall in love. They are blinded by this which most of it don't even last long like it should.

While some relationships proceeds to marriage, some just remain as relationships and later gets broken. Most youths find themselves in a situation where they have to battle with this feeling and later feels betrayed when the person they love breaks up with them. Some get over it soon while it takes years for some to get themselves together after a broken heart. A lady has narrated what happens anytime a guy breaks her heart. She said that whenever this happens she would swear never to fall in love again but later finds herself in another relationship. She said she can't just cope without it because love is sweet. Many people took to the comment section to share their similar experiences.

Have you ever found yourself in this kind of situation before? Share your experiences.

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This Is What Happens


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