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Your Identity: What You Need To Know

Your Identity: What You Need To Know.


Abayomi Olusanu

Growing up, I was a bit vulnerable because as a young boy of 12 years, I lived with an elderly woman who had little or no influence on me.

At that tender age, I had my separate room and I could go out or come in at any time of the day at will. Can you imagine that of a 12 year old boy? 

I was exposed to peer pressure but something beyond my comprehension held me back. There were things then that my close friends could easily do but I found them very difficult to do despite my freedom. 

Getting to Lagos(Nigeria) in the year 2001 as a teenager, there were things seen as norms around but I detested them with passion and that is what this post is all about.

The system I found myself then made me to decide that I was going to make a difference in life. My shoe cobbling learning experience was inside a spare part market called Owode-Onirin, Lagos, Nigeria.

Because of the economic situation of the country, some people preferred to buy less quality parts to save money but in most cases they ended up spending more. This is still happening now.

My issue is not with those buying but with those selling. You sometimes hear them say, "I have the original and the fake, which do you want"? 

In this present time, I wonder why anyone should be confident enough to be identified with a fake spare part? The painful part of it is, you will most likely go home with the fake when you actually paid for the original. It's so disheartening.

For you reading this, what is your identity? What are you known for?. 

Because it's a common practice does not make it a right practice. Others may choose to sell fake products but that shouldn't be you.

If you're known for quality, you will attract the right audience. There are people earnestly looking for quality goods and services and such people will pay any amount to have it.

It's a matter of time, the one who opted for the fake spare parts is only hibernating the problem. Don't be tempted to join the bad circle.

What is the quality of your offer? Goodwill is not built in a day but with a consistent quality life style. 

The price may increase, the quantity may reduce but never change the original quality.

See beyond what is written and learn beyond what is taught.

Keep adding value, there is always a better you.


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Abayomi Olusanu Lagos Nigeria Owode-Onirin


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