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The Sweetest Way to Get a Man to Chase You

Perhaps you are exhausted in chasing the man you love or you simply want the excitement that comes from winning your crush and get him possibly chasing you, instead of the other way round. If you stop chasing a man, he will even be more absorbed by you, to want you the more. If you really want to know how to get a man to chase you, check the list out below, from number 1 to 10, make sure you read to the end, so you don't get to miss a single word.

1. CATCHING HIS EYES: Yes, catch him staring at you and then walk right by. Sure, you can approach a man who's staring at you, by starting a conversation. He will really like talking to you and fall for you even more, or get to even be more attracted to you, and even want to know more things about you. Allow his eyes to rest on you or, if you know how to see him next time, you come up to him as that will make him more intrigued and find you more refreshing.

2. HAVE YOUR OWN LIFE: Having a meaningful and a sussessful life where you pursue your career or the passion to your hobbies, can really make you the person worth knowing. Perhaps you may want to be a nurse, lawyer, or even a newscaster, the guy will find you interesting the more, but, if you're that type that sits and watch TV, and then wait for him to call, then he may not be intrigued. Most guys won't say this out to you. Know this so you won't end up wasting your time with him. Guys find nothing sexier than that girl with their own lives. So, doing interesting things will make you more interesting, that one person whom is worth getting to know, but If the guy see it that your schedule is wide open because you're not doing anything, he may chase you less, because, he always know where to find you.

3. WOW HIM WITH YOUR CONFIDENCE: If you are happy with who you are, guys will in turn be happy with you for who you are too, because they know that your company will be enjoyed by them. Guys can be demoralized by girls with little or know confidence, this is deep distraction to him. Let him see what you have to offer to the world by you loving who you are, and off course, everyone can work being confident. But in the meantime you can start spending time to do what you love and address those irritating things that you don't like about yourself.

4. FLIRT WITH HIM: Yes, you have to put on flirt if you really want the guy to chase you. So, make that eyes contact, play with your hair, joke with him a little, and perhaps blush and get a little bit girly to catch his eyes. You can touch his arms in a gypsy manner, give him a little smile when nothing is funny and just be playful, have fun with him. Don't come strong, flirt a bit and pull back to make him work for it, because the flirtation is supposed to spark his interest, and to give him taste of what it could have been like, when you both together keep it light, fun and exciting.

5. STAY SEXY: If you want a man to chase you, then you have to put on some effort in finding what ever being sexy means to you and go for it. If it means having natural looks or just wearing balm and a big smile. You can wear sexy clothes or just flattering cloths that make you feel great, and confident to your own appearance.

6. LET HIM SEE YOU GETTING ATTENTION FROM OTHER MAN: This should happen naturally, weather your hanging out or walking with another crush or just a platonic friend, be engaged and be interested, this will make the guy jealous. Don't talk too much about hanging out, else, the guy will see it that you're trying to little too hard to get attention, instead let him see you be your self as you talk to other guys and don't laugh to hard as well. Then, make sure not to take it to far, because, if the guy always see you with with him often, he may think you're just a big flirt. But doing everything moderately, will make the guy be even interested in you the more.

7. DONT REACH OUT TO HIM AS MUCH AS HE REACH TO YOU: Always let him to be the one to call you first or not often than not. Let him text you to say "HI" wait for him to take the initiative more during calls and more, while you keep acting like your busy or having so much important thing to do. Always allow him to be the one to suggest the party where you both can go to have fun. If you're the type that is patient minded by going crazy waiting around for the guy to get in touch with you, then, this will be tough for you for sure. It's better to steer your relationship in the direction you want it to go. Think about this.

8. BE UNPREDICTABLE: Suggest a weekend random trip, if you want the guy to keep chasing you, then, you should keep him on his toe. If you always say old things continually, he will get bored and may stop chasing you. If he doesn't know what to expect anymore. Resist the plan of urging everything and leave something up to chance, let him pick you up with asking you every seconds for a date.

9. REMEMBER THAT THE CHASE IS NEVER OVER: Keep complimenting him, making him feel special and unique, this will make him feel like he has work for it. In a relationship, you both have to work it out to make it look healthy with affection and love, it's not only one person's job to do. Still keep him on his toe, even when you feel the guy is failing, this doesn't mean you should open up to him gradually and not have to be your self, be alert and never get complacent in your relationship, always keep it exciting all the time.

10. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS: It's good to have fun with your friends. This can even make him to miss you sometimes, and even make you more centered in the relationship, it can also keep you away from being too busy going crazy.

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