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7 Reasons Why Its Bad To Be A Nice Girl.

1. Inability to build a Lasting Relationship.

Being a nice girl might entail lots of responsibilities as people will take advantage of your kind heart. Your friends will always ask more than you can offer which might indeed affect your relationship life

2. You become Untrustworthy.

Human Beings are a set of individuals that don't expect positive things for long and this include being too nice to them. When you are selfless and always ready to relate with people, they think of it as if you have some secret motive for being nice to them. If you are a guy and you are to nice to a girl in Nigeria, she might term you as a ritualist and start avoiding you.

3. You won't have your own life.

Nice people always forget to put themselves first before others and always think it's really hard to say "No". It's really pathetic when you are so nice to others that you forget self care.

4. You Can Be Easily Manipulated.

Being overly nice means you won't be able to say no to any offer of assistance from anybody and this means you are very easy to be controlled due to your kind heart and aptitude to please everyone.

5. Your Career Is At Stake

Being overly nice means you won't be able to make the best out of your life as you will always want to please people while your own dream is crashing down.

6. You are prone to bad influence.

If you are nice to people, you won't find it right to politely turn down offers even if it's harmful for your social life. This include getting addicted to drugs, over eating, overspending and many others.

7. You can have mental health issues.

The act of constant self-giving might prove exhausting as you always hide your own sadness and pain behind little smiles. If this goes longer, it might leads to depression making unhappiness a constant dome over your life.

Do you feel being too nice has no repercussions? Please drop your opinion and please follow us.

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