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6 Things You Can Do When Someone You Love Is Afraid Of Falling In Love Again

Some people are afraid of falling in love again because they found it difficult to cope with life after the person they once loved disappointed them.

If you find someone you love, and the person is afraid of falling in love again, you can help the person overcome the fear through the following steps.

Try to understand the person.

Someone who is afraid of falling in love is not actually afraid of love, but he or she is afraid of being used and dumped.

You must understand that this kind of person usually sabotages any kind of romantic relationship with someone that is becoming too intimate.

They try to protect their space because they find it hard to trust anyone who claims to love them. They don't want to be deceived again.

Break the barriers.

You have to break through their walls of hostility to make a way to his or her heart. You have to make them trust you.

Don't rush the person.

Be very patient and don't be aggressive with the person whenever things don't go the way you expect it to go.

Don't allow the person's behavior to make you become passive.

You can get closer to him or her when they are not conscious of your plans. This will not make him or her become defensive or sabotage the relationship.

Don't force the person to be in a relationship. There's no way the person's heart can resist love.

Therefore, don't force him or her to be in a relationship with you. Just keep showing them love and keep filling the vacuum in his or her heart.

Forget about their past.

Don't bother bringing up discussions about his or her past so that it won't remind them of their determination to avoid any relationship.

Don't even make future promises for the person because their ex also promised them heaven on earth. Just live the moment with him or her.

Don't make yourself too available for the person.

Don't use every opportunity you have to communicate with the person so that they won't feel you are getting too close.

Find out what the person likes and invite them to do it together.

If the person likes watching movies, take him or her out to the cinema.

You will gradually realize that the person is interested in a relationship with you.

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