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4 Important Things You Should Never Lie About In A Relationship

Once you start a relationship with someone, then you should learn how to be completely open to that person because that Person is obviously your better half. There is saying that says "A problem shared is a problem solved" so once you are in a relationship you have the opportunity to share your problems with someone else and that someone would understand you.

Here Are 4 Important Things You Should Never Lie About In Your Relationship.

* Your Age: Yes, this is another very important thing because most ladies tend to lie about their age because they don't want people to know their age.

But, once you enter into a relationship with someone you should no longer be hiding something as important as that from that person because you don't know how tommorow would be.

So, never to your partner about your age because claiming you are younger would only destroy your relationship.

* Who You Hang Out With: Most healthy relationships are built on trust and understanding, so no matter who you hang out with, never lie to your partner about it because lying is one thing that destroys most relationships.

Hanging out with someone is not something to be afraid of especially when you know that you are not doing anything wrong but if you hang with someone you know that your partner would get offended if he was to find out, then you can calmly tell him if he asks you because if he finds out from someone else it could cause a bigger problem.

* Your Ex's: In my opinion, once you are done with a relationship and you officially start dating someone else, then you put your complete heart into that relationship, don't start talking about your past relationships because it could irritate your current partner or even cause problems between the both of you.

But, if in any case your partner ask you about your past relationships, never start lying about such things because it would be the begining of your relationships downfall. So,this is another important thing you should never lie about.

* Your Needs & Desires: Your relationship would get destroyed if you start lying to your partner about your needs. If you need a particular thing from your partner and you think you can get it by lying,then you are obviously wrong. Lying to your partner about what you need is one the worst things you can do in a healthy relationship.

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