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5 Negative Mindsets Towards Intimacy You Should Avoid In Marriage.

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The mind is the centre of reasoning in human beings. It coordinates the activities of life. In marriage, the act of making love starts from the mind before it is consummated. Physical intimacy is an issue of the mind.

The content value of your mind determines the quality of your marital life.

Some couples have wrong ideas about making love. Having a negative mindset about making love is not healthy for any marriage.

Below are some of the negative ideas a couple could have about making love

1.Making love is to satisfy the man: This is a slave mentality. Why should it be only the man that needs to be satisfied? Unfortunately, some women also think that way. A wife is not married to only satisfy the man without due consideration of her satisfaction.

Please, come out of such a mindset; it is not a healthy one. There should be mutual satisfaction. No couple deserves more satisfaction than the spouse.

2. Making love is a duty:

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It is not healthy to see making love as a duty. Duty gives a sense of imposition of a task. Rather, it should be taken as a responsibility. Responsibility makes you accountable, trustworthy and faithful. You shouldn't have a task mentality. Making love is meant to be enjoyed without compulsion or duress.

3. If she requests for it, she is loose:

This mentality has affected some women from getting fulfilment in their marital bed. A woman shouldn't think of it as being loose when demanding it. Likewise, men should respect it when she requests it; it doesn't make her loose.

4.The man wants it more than the woman:

Every couple needs it as much as the spouse. It is a mutual need that should be met. This mindset has made some ladies hold men at ransome. You hear words like- " He will surely come back for it, after all, he needs it more ". Couples should understand that each other needs love making equally.

5.Love making is for making babies:

This is one of the reasons most couples see the act as boring over time. When you have this ugly mindset, you will no longer see the true essence of the act.

This mindset frustrates the need for couples to meet regularly in bed. Sadly, some couples consider marriage important because of making babies. A positive mindset, towards making love, is one of the secrets of fulfilment in marriage.

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