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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Men, Don't Go Into Marriage Without Having These 4 Things in Place

Marriage is such a beautiful thing most people dream of and everyone wants to be in a happy and peaceful marriage. However, most marriages are not like that. Before you go into marriage, make sure you are prepared enough. Like they say, marriage is a school where you get your certificate before attending the school. As a man, your marriage depends a lot on you. Imagine a man who can't take care of himself, how will he care for two? It all starts from within. Today I will be sharing with you things that must be in place before you get married.

1. If you know you are yet to have a Stable source of income, I would advise you chill a little before going into marriage. The question is, how will you fend for two when can barely fend for yourself? Your single days are not for you to have fun and while away time. It is the time for you to work on yourself, improve yourself to be the best. If you can take care of yourself, how will you take care of two? If you want to have peace of mind, have money before marrying. This is because ladies like Money and of you are not giving them money, problems will start to arise. You know a woman's true colour when she's not given money for a while. A woman would endure with you but after few weeks, she will change completely. Money makes people happy in marriage.

2. If you know you are not yet spiritually groomed, please don't rush into marriage. This is because your spiritual life has an impact in your marital life. Like they say, a family that prays together, stays together. There are times your wife's faith will be weak, and she needs yours to keep moving. A marriage whose foundation is built on God will never fall.

3. Another quality men must possess before going into marriage is patience. You need to be patient enough to manage the dramas your partner will bring. Try and know the right time to speak and the right time to not.

3. How matured are you? This question is a very important question, and it says a lot about your marital life. If you think you are matured, marriage will test your maturity. Before you embark on this marriage journey, you need to make sure that you are matured enough to make tough decisions. Sometimes you will be placed choosing between your wife and your mother. A situation like this requires wisdom. Don't be a shallow minded man! Think deeply and make your decision wisely. If you know you are the type that hasn't made a decision on your own. Probably your mother has been helping you out even with your choice of wife, please don't rush into marriage. Your mother shouldn't have the ultimate say in your marital life.

I believe some of you have contrary opinions, I will like to hear them out.

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