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Divorce Affair

If Your Husband is Cheating, You’re Just Suffering The Outcome Of Dating Married Men When Single -Social Media User

The loneliness of a married woman is the worst kind of loneliness all because of another woman.

According to a man who goes by the name Fitila on Twitter made this clear that most married men don’t cheat on their own accord, rather, it is just karma catching up with their wives for breaking the matrimonial homes in the past when they were young and were side chicks of married men.

As he wrote

"Most married men don’t cheat on their own accord; its just karma catching up with those wives who slept with married men when they were single. There are exceptions though…if you attack me, I know you are guilty.”

Here is the screen shot of the tweet.

His controversial tweet has gained a lot of reactions from most nigerians as the reacted to it. Here are the reactions.

1. Abi! Since y’all believe in karma

2. Hahaha...This tweet will not go well with many people.

3. Especially the ones who generate their revenues from warming the beds of married men😁😁😁

4. Women get blamed for everything in Nigeria including the inability for a man to control himself.H

5. How convenient. You don’t cheat because karma is trying to prove a point, you cheat because you are a cheat. We can all be stealing then just because

6. karma is trying to teach the victim a lesson 🚶🏽‍♂️There is sense in this.

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Abi Fitila


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