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Divorce Affair

7 Ways On How To Prevent Divorce In Islam

In Islam, marriage is a sacred tie that is regarded as half of the religion. Husband and wife can conduct as many good deeds as they can during their marriage to assist them to become better Muslims and afterward in the afterlife. Marriage, on the other hand, is not without its difficulties. It's extremely delicate, and Satan never misses an opportunity to shake and even break it apart.

Unfortunately, divorce is a common outcome of marriage. 

Allah (S.W.T) despises divorce the most and commands every Muslim spouse to avoid it at all costs. Divorce is the result of a poorly managed husband-wife relationship. Divorce should be avoided in a variety of ways.

Here are the 7 ways On how to prevent divorce in Islam:

1. Doing Husband and Wife Duty:

Husband and wife both have their role in the household in Islam. To make it harmonious and cheerful, everyone must be aware of their responsibilities. When the husband works outside the home and the woman is required to stay at home, she should do everything she can to support her husband by establishing a joyful environment at home.

2. Understand Each Other Well:

Understanding appears to be an easy task, yet it necessitates a significant amount of effort. Understanding implies that we must be aware of their circumstances. When our husband goes to work, for example, he may encounter another woman who constantly smiles at him. We must have faith in our husband and refrain from making a fuss over it. The same is true for the husband; he must understand that caring for a family is difficult, and she may be exhausted at times.

3. Taking Care Of ach Other Equally:

Love is a form of compassion. In Islam, the best way to avoid divorce is to show love to one another. Husband and wife should look after each other. Serve him food or massage him for a while if he is exhausted from work. When the husband is away for the weekend, he and his wife can take turns caring for the children, allowing his wife to relax. 

This may appear easy, but it has a great impact on the marriage.

4. Avoid Arguments As Much As Possible:

The most vital aspect of marriage is communication. However, we frequently have disagreements with our partners. Make every effort to avoid arguing with them. Talk about everything calmly and find a solution without having to dispute.

5. Settle the Arguments Before Sleep:

Arguments in marriage are sometimes unavoidable, no matter how hard we try to prevent them. If we disagree with our husband or wife, we should not let it go on for too long. Resolve disagreements on the same day they arise. If you're still battling with each other, don't go to bed. The most common reason for divorce is a long-running feud.

6. Don’t Talk About Family Matters to Anyone:

What happens in your family, especially your own, should be kept private. Never tell them about your recent fights with your partner or their unfavorable characteristics. When a when third party is involved in the marriage, it will be disastrous.

7. Treat Each Other with Kindness:

Be kind to your partner and love them to the best of your ability. It may seem insignificant, but your kindness may be the most important factor in your spouse or wife's desire to remain with you indefinitely. Because of your kindness, they feel protected and at ease.

One of the nicest things a Muslim can have is a family. Our family is the only one who can lead us closer to Jannah while also providing us with a joyful life here on earth. To have a happy family, we must first have a good marriage. We must do all possible to keep our marriage from ending in divorce. 

Divorce is not only despised by Allah SWT, but it also degrades our lives and takes away our joy. It's not easy to get back on your feet after a divorce. We may also get traumatized as a result of the failure and decide not to marry again. When our marriage is having issues, we should practice all of the strategies to prevent divorce in Islam.


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Allah Islam S.W.T Satan


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