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Befriend Them, Who Are Those? Check Out "The Little Children.


Friendship is crucial to our general wellbeing .It is a major part of our support system as human beings .we are created and designed to be dependent on each other and as a parent ,you have the golden privilege to be your children's first friend .

Parenting and being a friend to your children don't have to be mutually exclusive ,the two can work together.

You should strive to build a friendly relationship with your child while at the same time carrying out your parental duty of child training.

Developing a unique and lasting bond with your children will enhance their emotional and social development. Generally, children love to have parents who can be both parents and friends to them .

There are several ways to do this :

Make your children a priority your business, career or friends shouldn't be your utmost priority ,be available and accessible to your children, create and spend quality time with them .Every child has some basic emotional needs that should be met ,so identify their various emotional needs, and take the pain to meet these expectations as much and as often as you can ,love and care for your children passionately,appreciate ,motivate and support them. It is your relationship with your children that gives them a sense of belonging ,acceptance and security .

In addition also ,listen to and respect your children's opinions or views and treat them courteously ,be firm as a parents but don't be harsh.

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The Little Children Who Are


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