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Things any beautiful marriage requires

Marriage is beautiful, but that beauty needs your efforts; you and your spouse. It needs sync and for you to be on the same page, be heading for the same goal or be able to complement each other's actions, aims, goals and growth.

Unfortunately, marriage doesn't always work and we struggle to get this. Love is not enough, marriage needs so much more. Indeed, two good people can have a bad marriage so divorce is not always about being bad.

Prayer is still very important in the home and while sometimes it works as we want, other times, we may not understand how it has worked.

Don't just pray though, try too. Make efforts, smart consistent and positive efforts. A lot of people have made efforts but because these efforts were not conceived and aligned right, they did not work, leading them to get tired.

If you have given it your all, seek help with counseling and mediation. Let a fresh, neutral person who can stay objective to the well being of you both, the children (where they exist) and the marriage come in and help out. Your marriage deserves that much.

If, at the end of it all, it is still not giving you peace, security, growth, happiness and a hope of better things to come, then leave to live. There is life beyond marriage and you all deserve better.

Like marriage, divorce is also serious business so be sure you know well about it before going in this direction. Also, before you trigger it, try taking some time apart just to achieve clarity of thoughts before moving on.

Marriage is beautiful but only when it works for both sides, looking to invest the required efforts and resources necessary for it to work and be beautiful.

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