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4 Things An Engaged Couple Should Not Do Before Getting Married

The excitement of getting engaged by a long-term or newly found partner can be overwhelming, knowing you’re getting married soon and breaking out of singlehood.

However, it is possible to destroy your potential marriage plans by doing things you shouldn't do before marriage. This article aims to reveal ten things every newly engaged couple should avoid before marriage.

Here are four things a newly engaged couple should avoid doing before marriage.

1. Have children. Having kids adds a lot of stress, lack of sleep, arguing, and takes away time that you could be spending on each other or just enjoying each other's company. Your focus changes, from being on each other, to being on the kids, and if you don't have a strong relationship, it can weaken the relationship. Enjoy each other's company before you add more company to the relationship. You usually won't get another chance.

2. Buying a house together. Again, this adds stress to a situation that may not last. You have more commitment, have to work more to pay things down, and less time to be with each other. If you truly plan on being together, focus on each other, not on things that won't.

3. This is probably going to irritate the polyamorous people, but…if you plan on being monogamous, do not invite other partners into the relationship, and definitely not into your bedroom. It always end badly, far too often. If you plan on just being with each other, make sure you both understand that from the beginning, and do not mess around with adding more “spice" to the relationship by trying to make a s**ual relationship with 3 people. It can lead to one or both partners becoming emotionally attached to the 3rd partner, and really screw you over, unless you both are willing and able to handle the extra person. Not many people are built to handle that. There are couples out there that can handle it, and it can even strengthen some relationships, but overall, it ends badly for more couples.

4. And last but not least, it's probably a bad idea for either partner to sleep with the future maid of honor, or best man. This will provide years of ammunition for arguments, and possibly even divorce, later down the road, especially if you try to hide it.

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