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Girls, 3 questions you could ask a guy if that is showing interest in you.

Asking questions is one of the best ways to be a knowledgeable person so, ladies, before you go into any relationship with a guy, ask these questions.

(1). What do you admire about me? If a guy is in love with you based on personality, he will always talk about those things. But if a guy is just after you for his desires, all that you might hear from him are the words “I love you.” and he would have that urge that everything should happen quickly.

(2). Do you consider yourself a jealous guy? Every individual feels jealous at some point no matter how it may be, so if he tells you that he is not the jealous type, understand that he is not telling truth. A guy who truly likes you, and doesn't want future problems would be honest with you.

(3). What is the most important thing in a relationship? Note, a guy who is caring would talk about the well-being of the girl or the day-to-day run of the relationship.

You could understand few things about a person from their response so, it's a good thing to ask questions.

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