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Strange: Video of the 21-year old boy God gave to a couple after the death of all five children

The discovery of a 21 years old boy's way of life has triggered lots of questions already from several persons around the world as the boy is a rare human, having animalistic characteristics.

The boy is said to be the sixth child of his parents, but the only living child of his parents, as the others died simultaneously. 

According to reports from a video that is making the rounds, his parents cried out to God to give them another child after the death of five of their previous children, and God answered their prayers as she got pregnant and gave birth to this 21 years old boy.

One intriguing feature of the boy is how he manages to feed on grass just like animals do, rather than the food humans are known to eat.

It is said that the 21 years old do run away from children in the community as he prefers staying in the forest rather than with humans. It is understood that he has the ability to hear but has never uttered a word.

According to the video, the mother of the boy was told by doctors when the boy was born that she should be prepared to run as the boy would be very quick with his feet. This statement came through as the boy was also compared to Usain Bolt in the video and it was also seen that the mother always run after him and has something she uses to catch him whenever she can't keep up with his amazingly fast pace.

Check out the video of the 21 years old below:

The question now is, God gave them this boy after they cried to him for another child since the other five he gave them all died simultaneously. Does this mean he has a specific purpose for giving them this boy?

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Strange Usain Bolt


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