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He Inserted a Divorce Letter in our 4th Wedding Anniversary Cake (Fiction)

Jimi and I got married 4 years ago, after we courted for just six months. I met Jimi at my previous boyfriends uncle’s birthday party, he engage me in a little chit chat and we exchanged numbers. This was a really innocent act on my part, I never intended to dump Alex for Jimi, it just happened. Alex and I had been dating since our university days, the relationship was about 5 years old when Jimi came into my life, he had just come back from America. Alex and I weren’t leaving the rich life, but we were pretty comfortable. One thing led to the other and I fell in love with him, after much consideration I decided to go with my new love. I know many will probably call me names, some will probably call me a gold digger but I honestly didn’t follow Jimi for his money, he made me feel a special kind of way that no one has ever made me feel. 8 months after Jimi and I met at the birthday party we got married.

My name is Simi, I’m a survivor of an abusive relationship and this is my story. Few months after my Marriage to Jimi, things started changing between us gradually, it started with light slaps on the back, I felt it was just play gone wrong. Few weeks after this, it turned to fledged slaps, gradually I turned to Jimi’s punch bag. Day-in day-out he will beat me at the slightest Chance he got, after he must have beaten me black and blue, he will start crying and say he is sorry, that he didn’t know what got over him. Instead of being mad at him, we will both cry together as I wonder what was going on with the love of my life. This continued for several, he could go 6 months without beating me, but in the long run he went back to his vomit. In all honesty I was tired of the marriage.

Two months ago was our wedding anniversary, on this day I got the most shocking gift of my life. Jimi organized a nice cake for celebration, what I saw inside it was a shocker. Inside my 4th year wedding anniversary cake, was a neatly placed divorce letter. I wept uncontrollably, after suffering in the marriage for so long, I eventually got dumped. According to him, he just found love and for some reason, I could understand him.

It has been two months away from Jimi and I feel more at peace, than I’ve felt in the last four years. I can now step out of the house without having to wear makeup to cover the marks from the heavy beating. I’m presently staying with a friend, but my life is presently getting in order once again. I’m happy. Maybe love is not what we always assume it to be after all. Last week at the mall, I met Alex, I was surprised he’s still single, we’re back to talking stage.

At what point do you think a woman should leave an abusive relationship or marriage? If you were in Alex’s shoes will you accept Simi back? In your opinion, do you think Simi left him for Jimi because Jimi was richer, or she actually fell in love with Jimi? What exactly is wrong with marriages in our generation, they seem to fall apart really fast? When can you really be sure you are in love and not infatuated?

This story is purely fictional and not a true life story.

Your comments will be really appreciated, as it can help to lead people in the right direction. You don’t know who you might be helping.

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