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5 Words Every Couple Should Know How To Say

There are some words that are very effective in relationships or marriages. The use of words is very important in every Marriage. There are also some words that can cause grievances in marriage. How can you identify this words? How do you learn how to use them? It can be the smallest word but how effective it's matters. There are horrible words that can affect your relationship or marriage in different ways, there are also positive words that can guide your marriage as well.

Here are some words every couple should know how to say

1. Please: it's a short word but very helpful, it can go a long way in marriage. You can use this word when you're in need of something, you can say it when you offend your partner.

2. Thank You: some marriages are having tough time because the heart of appreciating isn't functioning. To keep your marriage intact and seal with love then learn how to say this word whenever it's necessary to use it.

3. Sorry: this word is use to express your feelings about a particular situation. You and your partner can dive into argument, don't find who's at fault, you can make peace by using this word, be genuine when you are saying it. The word sorry can put anyone at ease even when they're inflamed.

4. Excuse Me: it's another word that can help positively in marriage. It's short in pronunciation but very effective.

5. Pardon Me: you can use this word anytime you piss off your partner, say it with sincerity.

The above words are well design for couple and they're very effective if they are well apply in a particular situation. Trust me! you will see the results.

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