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Husband and wife relationship

5 Signs Of A Respectful Wife

When a woman is regarded as a respectful wife, it shows she's submissive and she has regard for her husband. She's not proud and she doesn't feel superior to her husband. A woman that acknowledges her man's presence and that that doesn't force things on her man is the right definition of a respectful wife. 

There are some women out there that don't possess these qualities of a respectful wife. They feel they shouldn't be controlled by their husband and they think they can act of their own will. You would agree with me that women that are like this have no regard for their man.

In this article, I will be showing you 5 signs of a respectful wife. If your wife is showing any of these signs, you should count yourself lucky and never let her go. 

1. She listens to you.

One of the signs that show your wife is respectful is when she listens to you. As a man, for your wife to listens to you, you should know that she has respect for you. A woman that doesn't respect her husband will never listen to him and she will constantly ignore everything her husband is saying. But if the case is different, you should know she is a respectful wife.

2. She's satisfied with what you do.

If your wife appreciates all the efforts you make to ensure that the family is well cared for financially, you should know she's respectful. A disrespectful wife will never appreciate and acknowledge the effort her husband is making in the family. 

3. She acknowledges what you bring to the marriage.

If your wife acknowledges whatever you are bringing to the marriage, you should know she's a respectful wife. If she congratulates you on your achievement and appreciates your hard work in the marriage, she's a wife with a high caliber.

4. She doesn't neglect her household responsibilities. 

Another sign that shows your wife is respectful is when she doesn't neglect her household responsibilities. For instance, she would never leave the housework undone, and the place will never be a mess. Laundry will be done at the right time, dishes won't be stack up in the sink, and everything will be in orderliness. For her to keep up her part running smoothly, is one of the signs of a respectful wife. 

5. She makes time for you. 

A respectful wife would make time for you and never deny you her attention. She won't spend her time on the phone and watching the latest series instead of communicating with you. She won't prefer spending her weekends with her friends instead of you.

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