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When Your Best Friend Takes An Ugly Picture Of You And Other Memes

Blessed are those who finished their salary this December for they shall know the joy of fasting January.

How do you feel reading this post with the same underwear you had yesterday.

When the teacher changes your seat to break your friendship but she doesn't knows that the whole class is your group.

If you want to sleep faster, just decorate your bedroom to look like a classroom.

My family thinking if I get a girlfriend I'll mature while me and my girlfriend are playing rough play.

When you are watching a scary movie and it ends saying that it was based on a true story.

How you imagine mafia boss vs how they look like in real life.

When you mess the house up and lie on your dog.

This is every old man's Facebook profile picture and it's always uploaded nine times.

When you're punished in heaven based on the people you killed in GTA.

Sid the cat and his girlfriend is back again.

When you just finished eating in a restaurant and your card ends up being declined.

Me reacting to your memes even though you never react to mine.

My electricity bill at the end of the year.

When your best friend takes an ugly picture of you.

When girls think you look hotter when you roll your sleeves up.

The kind of a no nonsense man my teacher is.

When all your relatives are showing off about their kids achievements and suddenly your parents look at you.

When you reach a legendary level in photoshopping.

How you monitor your dad when he is using your phone.

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