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How to deal with conflict in your marriage

Conflict occurs in every marriage, despite the fact that few couples want to accept it. We've had our fair share of arguments, and some of them haven't been pleasant. In a marriage, there will inevitably be disagreements. It cannot be avoided. As conflicts arise in every marriage, the key is how you handle them rather than trying to prevent them. Conflict can trigger a process that results in isolation or oneness. You and your partner must decide how you will behave in such situations.

1. Talk it Out: It's important to sit down and discuss issues in your marriage when they arise. Talk about your partners' viewpoints and emotions about the matter. Study shows that complaining without blame is the antinode to criticism. In your statement, Rather than accusing your partner just begin the statement with a more personal approach. Remember to show respect and listen to your spouse without passing judgment. 

2. Take a Break: If the discussion is getting too stretched, stop and take a break. Do anything that will help you chill off and clear your mind, such as getting some fresh air or going for a stroll. 

3. Identify the Issue: Confirm that the two of you are aware of the true problem. Instead of focusing on each other, identify the issue and address it.

4. Settlement: It's tough to put off a talk, in my opinion, but it's beneficial to postpone challenging conversations. Waiting till everyone has had coffee or a drink of wine before discussing a problem will save your marriage a lot of misery. Strive to reach an amicable agreement and find a solution that benefits both of you. 

5. Seek Assistance: If you are still unable to settle, think about talking to a marriage counselor who can assist you both in resolving the issue. 

6. Reaffirm Your Commitment: Remind yourselves that you still love and care for one another and that your marriage is strong enough to survive this. Expressing your love and gratitude to one another can keep the connection going strong.

Real love in a marriage or any relationship, for that matter—means accepting one another despite our flaws, differences, and difficulties. However, just as a good coach never shows up to a game without a playbook, couples should have a few strategies in place to help resolve and repair those conflicts quickly and compassionately. We can't be surprised or discouraged by the inevitable tensions that arise in our daily lives.

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