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Do you need anyone's permission to succeed in life?

Do you need anyone's permission to succeed in life?

Naturally, you will never find a leopard inside the water. They do not live in water and they are not meant to live in water. They have their own habitat which naturally negates being in the water.

But when it's time to hunt for food for survival, they go against nature itself. They hunt prey outside their natural habitats and an extremely uncomfortable environment. They defy nature.

Their instinct for survival could make them do the unimaginable, the unthinkable and they get result. They fight for what they want

You know the beautiful part? They get it. So you are still comfortable in your comfort zone waiting for miracles without moving out and taking responsibilities? 

God will bless the works of your hands. Not bless your comfort zone. So you are saying, what will people say if they catch me doing this kind of business. You are doing yourself a great Injustice.

You don't need anyone's permission to succeed. All you need is to give yourself the permission to succeed.

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