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5 Things That Trigger Suicidal Thoughts After A Breakup In A Relationship.

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Everyone wants to have a long-lasting relationship that yields the desired result. Moreover, a breakup gives sad experiences that leave one with heartbreak if not properly handled.

There are things you should not do after a breakup in a relationship. Breakups have made some partners commit suicide after being jilted in a relationship.

Here are five things that could trigger suicidal thoughts after a breakup in a relationship:

1. Over-analysis of your commitments:

A relationship is a business platform; you invest to get dividends. You were an asset to your ex and had made some mind-blowing sacrifices in the relationship before the breakup. You had positive expectations. Unfortunately, all came crashing down like a pack of cards!! You couldn't help but sank into deep thoughts of regrets of all the lovely sacrifices made in the relationship.

Dear, wake up and dust yourself. You must not reap the fruits of your good works in that relationship. But surely, you must reap it somewhere else!! Don't die in such deep thoughts.

2. Monitoring your Ex on social media platforms:

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Why do you monitor your ex? Are you now a "monitoring spirit" assigned to your ex! This leaves you wishing the game was still on, thereby, making the wound of breakup ever fresh and green in your heart. If you keep checking their updates, you might see them with another partner!! How will it make you feel? Don't give yourself emotional shock and tension.

Do well to break every social media follow up on your ex. I advise you to block and unfriend your ex on social media platforms. This sounds harsh, but it does great good to your emotional health. Shut down on every communication; it fast-tracks your recovery.

3. Self-pity and blame:

Photo credit: Disha Bharat

Life is more than relationships. You should not blame or hold yourself in pity for the breakup. It is important that you love yourself before entering any relationship. When you are jilted, it means your ex is not worth your value.

When you pity yourself, it tortures you emotionally and makes you think you are not worthy of life.

4. Overly conscious of public opinion:

I understand that your ex must have been a tag on you; everyone knows about the relationship. You must have confidently sworn that a breakup could never happen. However, the least expected- a breakup- finally happened.

Don't dwell much on what people would say or feel about the whole thing. The truth is that nobody cares much about the breakup.

5. Begging your ex for a fresh start:

If your ex could have the gut of breaking up, he would have it over and over again when he comes back to you. We don't begin love or beg for love. Don't force it by calling, texting, chatting or involving friends/families to plead on your behalf.

How will you feel if it does not work as you pleaded? You will not feel good. Therefore, don't force the reconciliation agenda.

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