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Some things that girls do or like secretly that you may not know

1:- Women do like men who can change their mood or make them laugh more than those rich hot men.

2:- Girls spends one year of their lifetime just to decide which dress to wear.

3:— A girl cries around 30–64 times in an year and a boy cries around 9–16 times an year.

4:- 52% of girls would like to lose weight, but only 33% think they are overweight.

5:- For women saying bye doesn't mean bye. it sometimes means “don't go away” or “please stay with me longer, I need you now!”

6:- More than the girls who cry, the girls who don't cry and hates being emotional needs more love and care.

7:- Many girls are scared of cockroaches.

8:— Girls have too many expectations from their boyfriends or husbands, be it physically or mentally. But we hate explaining it. So, we also search for a guy who's a mind reader.

These interesting psychological facts are not necessarily true, different people may behave differently in different situations. Psychology is a complex thing and it changes with every human mind.

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