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4 Rules You Shouldn't Break As A Man When Falling For A Lady

As a mature man, there are certain things you shouldn't do all because you are in love with a lady. You shouldn't bring yourself down all because of women, that respect should always be there. No matter how much you love a woman, you should never forget that you are a man. Learn to value yourself for the sake of the man that you are. No matter how much you love a woman, here are four rules you should never break.

1. Don't force a lady to chat with you on social media. Each time you are having a conversation with a lady and you notice that she doesn't want to reply to you back, please let her be. Once she starts taking her time before replying to your messages, make sure you don't message her anymore. Don't show her that you are desperate, pretend as if you don't care.

2. Each time you are having a conversation with a lady on the phone, please avoid asking too many questions. Asking a lady too many questions on phone may result in something else and might not end well. Remember that ladies are one of the most difficult beings on earth, they are hard to understand. So if you want to ask a lady a question, let it be a relevant question.

3. Don't be too quick to chat a lady up whenever she accepts your friend request on social media. Most guys are fond of doing this. Whenever a lady accepts your friend request, stay calm for like three days before massaging her. Running into her DM immediately will make you look childish to her. And remember what I said earlier, as a man you need to behave maturely.

4. Avoid talking to a lady when she is in a bad mood. As a guy, you need to learn how to read a lady's mind. Know when she is in the mood to talk. Don't try to talk to her when she is in a bad mood because if you do, you may end up embarrassing yourself.

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