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5 Romantic Keys To a Successful Marriage

5 Romantic Keys To a Successful Marriage

Marriage is a journey and should be well prepared for. Do you want to be successful in marriage, then you need to know these keys to a successful marriage.

1. Do not marry a stranger: The person you want to marry must not be a stranger. The person must be someone that you know a lot about.The person you are dating and you just met six months ago is still a stranger. In my own opinion, I don't think it is time for you to marry him/her yet.

2. You must get married to your best friend: This implies that during courtship and dating, you and your partner must develop a very very strong friendship between yourselves before you start talking about wedding. You must be the best friend of each other.

3. You must get married to the person you are very familiar with, someone you are used to. You must marry the person you are very free to stay with, not someone you are afraid of.

4. You should get married to the person who knows your weaknesses and can accept you that way you are with all his or her heart.

5. You should marry the person who values you, respects and cherishes you, not someone that sees you as a minor or as nobody or as a low class person.

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