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"What Did Your First Love Teach You" Reactions As Twitter User Asks This Question

Most relationships end in tears while some go through those tears and smile. People say first loves don't always come together and that saying has proved a whole lot of times by failed relationships. Most people confuse lust with love and end up getting the wrong idea of love. They feel they love a person while it's just a sudden feeling of meeting someone new and they break up when the feeling is lost.

In my opinion, first loves dont come true, it only teaches you how to scale the such moments when you find yourself loving someone in the future. Heartbreak changes a person and it affects a person's approach of love.

A Twitter User asked a question" what did your first love teach you" and it had too many reactions too as most users expressed their views on first love karma.

First love taught me never to imagine anyone in my future, it hurts a lot when they eventually leave.

Below are screenshots of reactions made on the tweet;

A Twitter user said"show no love, it could get you killed", It could actually get you killed if you think more about it, there have been incidents of suicide after heartbreak.

Another user said" You must love yourself before you love someone else".

All this could mean a lot to people who haven't fallen in love before, you should learn from it.Its estimated that 98% of first loves don't end up together and it's a given fact.

Whats your experience on your first love

Are you still together with them or you've broken up?

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