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If You Want To Marry a Decent Girl, then Marry From these 6 States.

Marrying the right man or woman is everyone's dream. If you are a man or a woman who is eligible to marry and you marry the wrong person, then you will live to regret it. Marriage is best define as the union of two people. It is also define as the coming together of two people ( man and a woman) to become husband and wife. The best thing that can ever happen to a man is to marry a right woman, so also applies to a woman. Marriage is an institution of learning, it is an institution where you both tolerates each others, understand each others, love each others and forgives each other.

Most men today has missed their path marrying the wrong woman. Some of them went into marriage as a result of physical appearance, pressure from parents, love at first sight and many others, not minding the outcome of it later on. Every decent girl marries on time, not only on time, they also attract good men. Nigeria as a whole is endowed with beautiful girls and hardworking girls. But they are certain states in Nigeria where you can find decent girls and settle as a man. Girls in these States are responsible, faithful, decent and hardworking. Girls found in these States don't joke with their men and they treat their men very well. If you are man and you are in search for a soul mate, then considering marrying from these few states. Without much ado, I am going to list the States below:

1. Kogi State. Kogi state is a state found in the northern part of Nigeria. The state is blessed with different kinds of mineral resources. They also have different ethnic groups and different languages and culture. They are some part in kogi state that understands Yoruba. This set of people are well cultured and preserved. Decency is said to be their core values. Their girls are very decent and homely. In terms of cooking, their ladies knows our to cook good meals and treat their husband rightly. When it comes to marrying their ladies, their bride price is affordable and not expensive.

2. Nasarawa State. Nasarawa state is also a state found in the northern part of Nigeria. The state shares a boundary with the federal capital territory, Abuja Nigeria. Lafia is the capital city of Nasarawa state. This said state also has different ethnic groups and culture. From all indications, their girls are not corrupt. The state has different tribes like, Nasarawa egon, Nasarawa alago and many others. This particular state is also blessed with different kinds of mineral resources and food. Their girls are one of the most decent girls and also one of the most respectful girls. Their marriage rites and bride price are not so expensive. In that same state, there is a particular tribe that insist that before you marry their girls, you must buy beans, oil and goat before you will be allowed to proceed to the next step

3. Delta State. Delta state is also an oil state. This particular state has different tribes and ethnic group. The ijaws are one of the major dominants in delta state. Though, they are some part in delta state, that shares the same similarities with the igbos. This particular state has beautiful and hardworking girls. Their girls are also decent and their bribe price is also affordable. One major advantage you enjoy marrying in this state, is that their ladies are industrious, hardworking and creative. They don't also depend on men for money.

4. Abia State.

Abia state is also and endowed state. One thing about their girls is that, they are hardworking and pretty. They are also decent. The only difficulties you might encounter is paying for their marriage rite if you are not financially buoyant. But sincerely, their girls are extremely decent

5. Osun State. Osun state is no doubt, one of the most industrious state in Nigeria. This said state are well known for preserving their norms and believes. Girls from that region are very decent and well cultured. Marrying from these state gives you a sense of belonging. It is no longer news, that the Yoruba's are morally upright and cultured. Osun state girls are unique and are wonderfully made.

6. Adamawa State.

Adamawa girls happens to be on the list, reason been that their ladies are known to be respectful and preserved. Apart from that, the girls in Adamawa are extremely beautiful and unique

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