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Only A Girl That Has True Feelings For You Can Ask You These 5 Questions

People rarely ever just fall in love because, love is a gradual process. It might not seem so for guys because of the urge of satisfying their desires. But nobody ever honestly just falls in love at first sight. At least not in this part of the world.

People don't only get curious about the things they don't understand but also the things that they love. Whenever feelings of love catch up with both guys and girls, they tend to get a little more curious about each other. They start asking questions whenever their minds become overwhelmed by curiosity. A lot of these questions are sensitive and the overall health of the relationship usually depends on the answers that are provided. Here's are some questions that a girl who has true feelings for you is likely to ask you.

1. Has Any Girl Ever Broken Your Heart?

Broken hearts teke time to heal. Breakups can also be difficult to handle. Having your heart broken at any point in your life can forever change you and leave you with a lot of scars. A girl who has true feelings would be curious about your past love interests, she would ask this sort if question to know if you know exactly what it feels like to have be hurt by someone you love.

2. What Are Your Expectations From A Relationship?

A girl who has strong feelings for you would be curious to know if you are looking for a long term commitment or all you want is just some fun. A girl who has true feelings for you would like to know exactly what a relationship means to you and what she should expect from you in the relationship.

3. Have You Ever Been In Love?

They say experience is the best teacher. Being in love with someone and loving someone are two different things. Being in love with someone is a unique feeling and when it happens, the parties involved always have a hard time getting over each other, even after ending the relationship. She would likely ask this question to know if she should be worried.

4. Who Do You Admire The Most In Life?

Every girl knows that It’s important to know who the guy she has feelings for looks up to in life because, his answer to that very question can reveal a whole lot about his dreams and who or what he hopes to become. It could be a family member or someone celebrity. Your reason for admiring them, has to be reasonable. That's what she's after.

5. What always get you angry?

It's a really smart move when a girl asks about what makes you angry. She definitely wants to know your dos and don't. Possibly because she doesn't want to every be the reason why you flip. The best way to avoid seeing people's rage is by first know the things that irritates them.

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