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5 Difficult Relationship Health Topics You Need To Discuss With Your Partner

It is most times considered difficult to discuss certain medical related topics with your significant other however the importance cannot be overstated. This discuss lies under family health and is key that the state of both partners are known to each other well enough for the benefit of the family, Some like to involve experienced counsellors as this might also be very helpful towards making the right decisions. While you want to be truthful, you also wonder if bringing up an awkward health topic will be the deal breaker in your relationship, from hygienic challenges to mental conditions here are few health topics most people dread but are important to be discussed between partners and how to lay it on,

1.Mental Challenges

Mental disorders such as Bipolar disorders, depression, Personality disorders can come as a huge obstacle in relationship and there is no denying it comes with a stigma and lack of understanding which can cause such person to have a poor self-image, emotional swings, paranoia, erratic behavior and different traits that are difficult to live with. Most tend to avoid people exhibiting such challenges but it is important in a relationship for it to be discussed between partners, however the right approach should be by telling such partner how you manage such a condition rather than laying it on as a major problem.

2.Sexual Challenges

Having sex is a universal thing but discussing sex is certainly not as easy, if only people were more open to discussing sexual issues it would not be an issue . Sexual challenges range from women experiencing pain during intercourse, premature ejaculation, absence of arousal, inhibited orgasm and so much more. Many people are negligent to finding out root cause of such frustrations but seek solutions elsewhere, however it is important this is not discussed when you're getting frisky in between sheets but when you are comfortable and relaxing at at entirely different time.


Addiction can be described as a persistent and compulsive reliance on a behavior that if done in excess could lead to overdependence on such act like partying, shopping, eating, gambling, sexual activity or on certain substance such as hard drugs or cigarettes. Discussion of such topic is important and could be advised when you are both sober and well rested as it is more important to be understanding and patient with such partner during recovery,

4.Past Trauma

Some type of unresolved trauma can slip in and tear apart a great relationship if not well handled and discussed. Effect of trauma doesn't end on a personal note but often finds its way into relationship as such survivors of trauma feel distraught and vulnerable at certain times, they also get confused about who or what is right or safe for them. Trauma ranges from accidents, past relationship occurrence, rape and even to many other negative conditions as it is important to move forward as if not addressed could lead to disruption in your relationship, you must understand your past wounds to heal them better, seek counsel and then see your relationship as a place to build a bridge between your differences.

5.Poor Health & Hygiene Issues

Having poor basic hygiene such as having a bad breath, excess flatulence (intestinal gas), body odor or having poor eating habits like snacking late at nights or consuming excess calories and sugary snacks could have negative effect on relationship and love life as it could also be embarrassing however there is a need to address such issues with your partner because they can be signs of more serious underlying issues. When it comes to health habits, it is important not to act defensive but own up to ones vulnerability and unhealthy habits so as to find the middle ground, It could be suggested that sharing a healthy habit as a replacement could help and expressing such conditions in talks as a sign of care and interest will help partners overcome such.

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