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5 Things To Consider Before Marrying A Lady Apart From Physical Beauty

Physical attraction can not be overemphasized when it comes to choosing a life partner. Men especially are much driven by beauty and dexterity of the woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Physical looks are very important. People want to marry someone that they find attractive. They want to marry someone they can proudly present to others as their wives without being ashamed. However, as good as physical appearance is good, it should not be the major criteria for choosing a life partner. Other things must be out into consideration.

1. One reason you should look beyond the physical beauty is because they will fade away with time. If her physical beauty is the only thing you like about her, when the beauty is gone, she will not be attracted to you again. Look beyond the her beauty.

2. Check if her character is good. One thing that will last long after beauty is one's character. Good character is very important in making a marriage choice. Someone who does not have good character will not be able to raise good children too. That is why as a man who is getting ready for marriage, you need to look will very well and focus more on the character than the beauty

3. Beyond her physical beauty, is she from a good background? This is another important factor to consider before you think of marrying her. You need to do a background check on her family. The reason why you need to be this meticulous is because marriage is a life time venture. If you want to your home to last, then you must do a thorough job in choosing a partner.

4. Health compatibility is also important. In this age of technology, you shouldn't make a mistake of marrying someone you are not medically compatible no matter how beautiful she may be. It is now news that SS should not marry another SS blood genotype. AS should not marry AS blood genotype. These are things to watch out for before going into marriage.

5. Another thing to consider is the compatibility of your goals in life. The lady you want to marry, does her dreams align with your own? Sometimes people get married just to find out that they they don't have anything in common. They find out that they have parallel desires, dreams and goals in life and because they can't come to a compromise, problems begin to set in.

As a man, before going into any relationship, make list of what you want and be sincere with yourself.

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