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She loves you if she shows these 3 signs

"Picture used for illustration purpose"

Some of us (men) find it difficult to understand some feelings some girls shows towards us and that has really made them hate or sometimes dislike us and even stop talking to us..

And that has to be stopped as far as you are reading my content; if a girl shows the following, know she is in love with you..

1. Closeness: when a girl is in love with someone she most times find it difficult to meet the person and express her feelings instead she will keep calm and see if you can catch her signs..and one of these signs is coming close to you whenever you both are sitting, walking etc. She will like to go an errand with you

2. Caring: another sign girls show is caring.. on a real note no normal girl will ask you if you have eaten when you're not her brother...any girl that care is in love with that person. She wouldn't want anything bad to do you... the only way you can understand fast is monitoring her way in that period of time.

3. Talking with you: this is almost the same as the first one...if a girl loves you she will always wants to chat,call, with you. No matter the distance or how bad you treated her loved one in the past..she must always want to feel your present..

If a girl shows these 3 signs to you as a man..please do try and understand.

So.. that's all I can say for now..but i will try and publish more next time...please comment, like,share and don't forget to follow me for more updates.

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