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3 Things Every Man Needs To Know Before Proposing To A Lady

As a man, before you propose marriage to a lady, there are key things you need to put into consideration before making such moves.

To this end, I will be sharing with you three key things every man should take note of before proposing to a lady.

1. Love

The first thing that should trigger you as a man to propose to a lady should be love. Love is what keeps you together if eventually you both get married, it is the fuel upon which your home will be built.

2. Tolerance

While love is key, tolerance is something you should not overlook before proposing to a lady.

When you both cannot tolerate each other's mistakes and shortcomings, setting up a home afterwards will definitely be hell.

3. Finance

Your move to propose to a lady is an indication that you are ready to settle down or marry that lady. Before doing such, it is important that you put finances into bear.

Ensure you are financially healthy to cater for other needs of the lady before proposing to her.

Please, you are welcome to share this article with other men out there who are thinking in this direction. Thanks.

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