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Divorce Affair

Reactions As Man Who Was Abroad For 5 Years Wants His Wife To Take An Oath To Prove She Didn't Cheat

Being in a relationship is one of the best things that could happen to anyone, especially when you get married to someone who truly cares and appreciates you. On the other hand, relationships have their problems. One thing we must understand is that even the best relationships could develop problems as a result of cheating, lack of communication, trust issues, and many more.

While I was going through the internet, I saw a post made by @NaijaPR where Twitter sort for advice from the public after explaining that a man who has been abroad wanting his wife to take an oath. According to the post, after the man spent 5 abroad, he wants his wife to take an oath to prove that she hasn't been with another man since he left Nigeria. The Twitter user went on to ask for people's opinion.

See the post:

After this was asked online, see how people reacted to the post below:

Thanks for reading this article.

What do you think about this act? Do you think taking the oath is the best way to check if she's cheating? Share your thoughts below.

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