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Men: 3 Things To Watch Out For In A Lady Before You Propose Marriage

1. Make sure she does not love you because of your money

As a man, you need to know if a lady can stand by you in good times and bad times. There are some ladies who are only after the greener pasture. Once it stops becoming green, that is when you will know their true nature. It is important you know the reason why she has agreed to marry you. 

2. Is She Disciplined?

You need to make sure a lady is disciplined before you bring her into your house. Marrying a disciplined lady saves you a lot of stress. A disciplined lady performs her duties well, respects you, earns the love of your family, cares for you, she's ready to share in your pains, supports you, etc. Do you see these things in her?

3. She Should Be Hardworking

Most ladies are known to be hardworking, but there are some who are very lazy. I tell you, marrying a lazy lady is not good for your marriage. But if you know you truly love her and you can cope with her laziness, then it is no big deal. 

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