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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Men, Don't go Into Marriage Without Having These 3 Things in Place

In my opinion, before a man decides to get married, he must have some certain things in place. If most of these things are not in place, he might not be able to man the house. If these things are not in place, the woman will find it hard to respect him. Men should also think about getting married at an early age. Although it comes with it's own disadvantages, if you want to see your grandchildren, you need to marry early. I'm not saying you should rush into marriage.

Below are some things a man should have before thinking about marriage:

1. The first thing a man who intends to get married should have is enough maturity. You will need maturity to deal with marital issues. You need to be mature enough to handle the situation in your home. Many ladies opted for divorce because they say how immature their husband was. Men like this find it difficult to make a decision and stand by it. They run to their friends who give them wrong advices. As a man, you need maturity. Why do you think many young Celebrities have issues when they get married? it's because both of them are not yet mature for marriage.

2. Another thing you should have is enough money or a stable source of income. If you check the reason many Relationships end in divorce is because they are facing big financial issues. Ensure that you are working and your spouse too is working. If you check out marriages these days, the economy is giving them a hard time. If you find it hard to feed yourself, marriage shouldn't be the next thing. If there's no money, there is a probability that you will not enjoy your marriage. Even women will not treat you well if you don't have money. Try and get a stable source of income.

3. A good accommodation is also something a man must secure before thinking about marriage. It is not that advisable you stay with your parents. With time, your wife will start having issues with your mother, you can't really Avoid this. This will put you in a tight spot and you won't know who to side with. Your decision here matters and it will determine how mature you are. It's usually advised you get a house and start your family.

They are also some qualities like patience etc that should be in place. However, I would like to hear more from my audience. What are the things you think a man should have in place before thinking about marriage? Let's hear them below. Click here for more relationship articles. Remember to follow me up there.

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