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If Your Wife Is "Coming To Lagos" For The First Time, Please Tell Her These.

Women raised in the rural parts of Nigeria are very filled with life, values and integrity when compared to others that were born in the urban parts.

There is nothing truly wrong in marrying a woman with locally oriented mentality but she might be in whirlwind if she doesn't catch up with necessary ways of life of the city.Reason behind this is that the city is already a civilised field, so rugged that if you aren't in line with their tactics you might end up returning empty handed to your hometown.

However, men are not strange to the fact that city girls are beautiful, well packaged and vibrant but the truth is that most of these so called 'Lagos Girls' are not wife materials.

Therefore real men keep calm and go back to their hometown to select a young pretty respectful girl to make her his wife. Advantages are attached to it, for they were taught the values of morality from their tender age.

But beware that she's coming to live with you in a large city where she might be exposed to danger if care is not taken.

So now that you have finally decided to make her live with you in the city; you should please tell her these for her safety.

. Let her know she is lovely and is coming to a place that has no regard for lovely people, explain to her that she needs to be careful who she makes friends with.

. Make it clear that if she's called by an anonymous person in the street, she shouldn't answer.

. Tell your lovely wife to watch her food while cooking, especially if you live in a multi-tenant house.

. Explain to her she needs to becareful who she sits beside in a public bus.

. She shouldn't purchase anything packaged without checking if it has not been compromised.

. Tell her your children must not receive foods from strangers

. Finally, tell her not to leave her washed clothes outside overnight.

Thanks for reading... I hope that all she should know.

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