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I love him but his mother is so determined to tear us apart - Lady

People always say that what is yours will never pass you by, but in my case it seems like it did. During my undergraduate days I fell in love with a guy, I loved him so much but it seems while our love story was sweet, it was not meant to last. Our problems all started with his family, they were not in support that their son was in relationship with a middle class girl like me, they were not pleased that their son fell in love with me.

You can always do better than her, his mother always said this girl is only after your money. Which was not true though I came from a humble home but I was not the greedy or ambitious type, though I love luxuries as well but honestly, which sane person wouldn't. But I'm not the vain or the materialistic type of girl, my parents though they didn't have enough trained me to be contented with what I had.

But my lover stood by me, he said it was I or no one else, it didn't matter how much his mother disapproved of our relationship he would be adamant with his choice. Although, I know this breaks his heart to constantly be at odds with his parents most especially his mother. I have tried to make this woman understand that I'm not after his money, but it seems that she is just determined to see the worst in me, she always says I'm a pretender that I'm just a gold digger hiding my true colors that try as I might, I will never become her son's wife. 

I try to explain to my lover about this rift between his mother and I, and although he loves me, unfortunately he is torn between his love for his mother and his love for me. He wants to listen to his mother and also his heart but not sure whom to choose. 

We continued with our relationship anyway, with his mother never relenting on my case, she even went as far as finding a girl for him and trying to play matchmaker when she saw that her efforts to separate us was futile and her complaints were falling on deaf ears.

The girl chosen for my lover whose name is Sharon seems to be crazy about him as well, because it seems her and his mother bonded well, she was from a rich home but was a spoiled brat, she had zero manners my lover told me about her several times that they were family friends, and they have known each other since childhood, but he had never liked her not to talk of falling in love with her. 

Sharon and his mother have harassed me countless times going as far as coming to my parent's house to leave their son alone, they called me several names, they said I was a witch, a gold digging, good for nothing girl who had nothing to offer their son except to come and reap where I did not sow. 

I didn't let all these get to me as all of it was untrue, haters need drama like its oxygen, so I was less concerned what they called me, all I knew was that I was in love and true love conquers all.

All these went on, but since his mother could not persuade me to leave her son alone, she eventually gave up, but Sharon did not, this girl was very sly and was very used to having her way. On the day my lover celebrated his birthday at home, during the party she spiked his drink and seduced him to bed, although my lover said he had no memory of what he did, but my love for him was strong, so I forgave him.

But sharon got pregnant from that one-night stand, having leverage now she resulted to emotional blackmail, that if my lover doesn't leave me and marry her that she would abort the child and if She loses her life in the process that she would blame it all on me and him. 

His mother backed her up and told me the choice was mine that if I walked away without issue that my lover won't lose his child, although my lover rebelled at first, but I love him too much and I don't want him to make a decision he would regret later in life. So I think leaving him would be better, and if indeed we are meant to be together, then what is truly mine will never pass me by. I hope I made the right choice.

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