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Important things to know about your type of boyfriend/man.

Check out these few amazing tips on how to relate and bond with your man, with peace and understanding. The importance of courtship or dating is to know more about your partner, but unfortunately, when some people realize their partner's flaws and shortcomings, they tend to lose interest, maybe due to lack of true love or inability to cope with them, always note that once you detect a character that you know you can never cope within marriage, just leave the relationship and move on, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, no one will be there when you are bearing the pain, a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. But there are few types of attributes some men possess that could be annoying, mildly annoying, or extremely annoying.

1) A secretive man

This kind of guys could be very hard to predict, they are mostly introverts, though not all, they always keep to themselves. Being in a relationship with this type of people takes a great deal of patience and persuasion, you will realize that you don't even know much about him, you can only pin-point to obvious details of him, but when it comes to heart to heart discussion, they are never engaging. This could be very difficult to manage because communication strengthens the bond of love, and not just talking, but heartfelt discussions.

If you find yourself with this type of man, I will strongly advise you to still be patient, give him every reason to trust you, let him know you are trustworthy, don't push him to talk in a rude manner, just persuade him. Ask him questions often, most especially about his plans. When you see his trying to avoid you concerning a particular matter, tenderly approach him, ask him what is on his mind. If he shoves the question off, use your womanly instincts and strategies to get him to talk. E.g Change of countenance, withdrawal, and the silent treatment. Note, never nag your man.

2)The funny guy

Men in this set, are always fun to be with, you barely can stay with him without laughing, they are open-minded and they are amazing I must tell you, but they tend to take important issues with levity, they are not always serious, when you are pouring out your mind to them, they are busy joking about it. Even when you try to frown at them, they just melt your face like frozen chocolate in a hot oven, and this could be very annoying and frustrating.

If you are with this set of men, well am happy for you, you will live long, but if you don't take serious tips into use, you might end up frustrated. Each man has their uniqueness, find your man's. Matured guys tend to listen when needed but some are mature, yet they just do this involuntarily, don't shout at him, never disrespect him for once, laugh at his jokes and when you see he is not paying attention to you, just smile and relax, don't frown or walk out, just withdraw yourself a bit, change your mood, be sober, when he throws jokes, just smile when he is discussing with you, pay attention but don't show it, you can pick up your phone and click imaginary numbers or scroll pictures when he calls for your attention, show a sign of no interest, or put on a worried face, and when he comes down to you, he will pay close attention to what is bothering you.

3) The stingy man

When a man is stingy, it might be very hard to get along with him, most especially in marriage, there are grades of stinginess, some guys only spend on things that are very crucial and demanding, they don't see the use of buying petty rubbish like a $5000 bag or a cute dog pet, even though he has the money, some are just selfish, all they know is themselves, some doesn't even want to spend at all, not even on themselves or anyone else, they just love to see the figure increasing in their accounts.

If you find yourself in this category, don't fret, scale the level of his stinginess, if he is like the luxury haters, you can choose to bear with him and take a course on self-control and money budgeting, or you leave him. But you see the other sets, I would strongly advise you to think wisely if you can bear it, pls stay, if you cannot, kindly leave and save yourself the heartbreak.

4) The Perfectionist

I don't like this set at all, reason because once you are clouded by the mist of love, you tend to stop being yourself, they set out rules, and once you don't abide by it, they disagree with you, They always want their own idea accomplished. They could destroy one's destiny, and you can never be free with them. In fact, some will even tell you not to sit and fold hands when they are with you, they make sentences like "I don't like the way you're sitting, chest out a bit". Imagine that. " I hate the dress you wore last week, it's not ideal enough for the party", they complain over everything you do.

Well, I just want to support you if you are truly in love with him, be ready to switch your life. Although I would strongly advise running while you can, such man has the potential to turn a gentle living woman into a nagging wife. Be careful.


Note: No man is 100% perfect but no man should be extremely unmanageable, respect your man and he will love you.

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