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10 Signs He Has A Side-chick

1. He is avoiding putting a label on your relationship

This is a red flag in every single way. If he is avoiding putting a label on your relationship and make it official, it’s because he’s not interested in settling down.

Whatever excuse he has, you can bet your ass that he wants to enjoy his single life alongside with relationship benefits. Similarly, if he made the two of you official but became distant right afterwards, that’s also a sign he’s running away from the commitment.

2. He is suddenly super nice

If he has mood switches and turns from Grumpy into Prince Charming, it could be because he is overcompensating for something. Gifts are also the most common and obvious sign of infidelity.

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Basically, if he changed his usual behavior lately, and he did it drastically, it’s time for the two of you to sit down and have ‘the talk’.

3. He’s taking his phone everywhere and locks his computer

All of his social media accounts and gadgets are on lockdown and you have no access to them. He even carries the phone with him when he takes out the garbage or goes to the toilet.

Let’s face it ladies—what we want is honesty, not mystery. If your man is asking for privacy and you feel like he is living a completely different life you’re not part of, is that really a healthy-looking relationship?

4. You found him on dating sites

There is no more obvious sign screaming in your face that he has someone on the side than him being active on dating sites.

Men who claim that are using those apps to find their friends are not even worthy of being mad at. The only thing you can do is to laugh, really. At least, we deserve more than damn poor excuses.

5. Your gut is telling you something is off

Like I said, sometimes your gut knows things before your mind does. If you are reading this list, it means your gut has already warned you.

You already felt that things are not like they seem and that there is something else going on behind your back. It’s important that you don’t rush things.

Make sure that he really is cheating, which, luckily for us, is not so hard to do.

6. He never introduced you to his friends or family

You’ve been dating for months now and you still haven’t met any of his friends? Or you met them by accident and he rushed things to an end?

It’s a clear sign that he doesn’t want you to meet them, simply because he doesn’t want to stick around. This is just a game to him and he’s not interested into bringing that game to his friends and family.

7. There are always super private, business phone calls

Every day, weekend, hour and evening, his phone is ringing and he has super private phone calls about his work.

There are men who are devoted to their work that much, but if he is not the kind of person who is ready to sacrifice his free time for his job, that’s just a sign those phone calls are coming from someone else.

Another red flag is if he stops talking when you enter the room and waits for you to get out or he leaves himself. What kind of a business conversation is so secretive? It’s not like he’s a spy or something.

8. He’s always so busy

Even if he’s working only one job, he is always so busy and there is never enough time for the two of you to fully enjoy yourselves.

He is either late or rushing somewhere, promising you weekends, trips and holidays, but never making those promises come true.

A man who wants to be around you, who wants you, will always make time for you, no matter what. Ask yourself why he’s not doing so?

9. His sex drive dropped

If you guys had sexual chemistry and drive through the roof and it suddenly dropped, that’s a sign something is off.

He is either under pressure or he got it off somewhere else. If he’s not talking to you about his issues but ensures you that he’s just perfect, that’s just a sign your relationship no longer is.

10. No matter what you do, he is still emotionally distant

Emotionally unavailable men are not the kind of men you want next to you anyway. They are never capable of fully committing and doing that lifelong love and relationship.

They’re simply too scared of love and commitment to do it properly, so they hunt and enjoy the game instead of the destination and the prey. He will seem distant and cold about expressing his emotions and even if you open up to him, he will never open up to you.

Men distance themselves when they feel guilt and emotional unavailability. In combination with other signs from the list, that is usually a sign there is a side chick after all.

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